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“I would recommend Dr. V to people of all walks of life. She is truly a holistic practitioner and I highly recommend her essence, she is truly a woman who has walked her walk and is transparent in her teachings. I cannot recommend her highly to other medical professionals”.

Gerry R


Dr. Veerle Van Tricht

Surgeon, Author & Coach

Are you suffering from Burnout? let Dr. Veerle Van Tricht the Burnout Expert help you! In her 20-year career as a specialist surgeon, Dr. V has healed an estimated 20,000 patients across the globe.
She has worked in Belgium, France, South Africa, Cameroon, Namibia, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Veerle is on a mission to empower patients and teach them how to take the key to their wellbeing back.

Get your Boom Back!

Get Your Boom Back! Dr Veerle Van Tricht MD I recently had a chat with Angela K Wright co-founder of Get your Boom! Back which is a company selling supplements for people who want to feel calm, energised, and in control. Angela particularly wanted to speak to me...

Burnout does not discriminate, it can affect anyone

I recently interviewed Endodontist Dr Sonia Chopra who is a root canal specialist and thinks of herself as a ‘tooth saviour’. Background: After 10 years as an Endodontist, Dr Chopra is now using her experience through an E-School she has created in which she...

3 Steps To Enhance Your Mood Holistically

If you or someone you know suffers from Depression or Anxiety, I highly recommend you watch the whole video presentation I recently recorded " Dr V's 3 steps to enhance your mood holistically". It is full with value! It even discusses all-natural mood enhancing...

The Healing Self

The Healing Self New book by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi Dr Veerle Van Tricht, MD The Healing Self There is a new revolution occurring in health today. That revolution is you. I met Dr Deepak Chopra yesterday “ I will read it”, Dr Chopra replied when I handed...

13 Risk Factors of Burnout

13 Risk Factors of Burnout   When western medicine let me down in my pursuit of solutions, I knew that it was a new calling in my life to help others realize the symptoms of burnout taking hold in their lives.   The sources of burnout can be broken down into three...

How Professional Women can Avoid Burnout

  Today’s Promise   I will show the Proven system To go From BURN-OUT to BURNING WITH DESIRE    to           WE WILL COVER   How to fit 30 hours in 1 day How to go from exhausted to excited with life again How to fall...

10 Commandments of Sleeping Well

1. Light Versus Dark Pituitary gland and growth hormones Light and sound blocking blinds Eye shades and headphones The light of your alarm clock No TV, computer nor phone Working night shifts   2.  Keep your Cool The ideal temperature for sleep is between 18...

The Silver Lining of romantic breakups

It is daunting, being thrown back in the singles pond, more so after a longterm relation- ship which is complicated by shared property, offspring, pets and last but not least bank ac- counts, than after a short term romantic relationship. Through divorce, death or...

What your heartburn is saying about your stress levels

What your heartburn is saying about your stress levels Emotional stress causes or worsens the following health problems -  Digestive disorders: gastritis( inflammation of the stomach lining), heartburn, stomach ulcers... -  Circulatory system disorders: Raynaud...

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