10 Commandments of Sleeping Well

1. Light Versus Dark

  • Pituitary gland and growth hormones
  • Light and sound blocking blinds
  • Eye shades and headphones
  • The light of your alarm clock
  • No TV, computer nor phone
  • Working night shifts


2.  Keep your Cool

  • The ideal temperature for sleep is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius or 64-70 Fahrenheit
  • You might need to invest in a fan, air conditioner or a heated blanket
  • Relax in a hot bath or shower
  • Dress appropriately
  • Don’t let cold shoulders wake you


3.  Choose Softness

  • Mattresses and pillows have a limited life span
  • Personalised mattress consultation
  • Test your pillow
  • Latex or memory foam
  • Soft sheets
  • Calming colours


4.  Avoid Heavy Meals at Night

  • Your digestive system would keep you awake
  • A cup of hot chocolate or chamomile tea with a biscuit helps you relax before bed
  • Put the end of the bed up if you suffer from reflux( which makes you cough at night


5.  Avoid Drinking Late

  •  You don’t want a full bladder to wake you up
  • A glass of red wine has many health effects and helps you relax at the end of a stressful day( women should have a minimum of 4 alcohol free days a week) but so does yoga and stretching…
  • Have a glass of water next to your bed side


6.  Reduce Noise

  • Snoring nose sticker
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Earplugs
  • Moving to the country side
  • Relaxing meditation music
  • Subliminal
  • Bi neural beats
  • Sounds of nature


7. The ideal Bedtime

  • Before 10 pm
  • Normally between 7 to 9 hours a night
  • Great individual variation
  • The importance of growth hormone


8.  Vision

  • Don’t bring work home
  • Don’t use electronics in bed
  • Avoid the Bad News
  • Watch comedies
  • Read empowering books
  • Laughing out loud produces relaxation hormones, oxygenation and a workout…


9.  Avoid Negative Thoughts

  • Stop worrying: stop stop just stop stop stop
  • Offload your business mind onto paper so your brain can let you sleep
  • Promise your brain you wont forget the to-do list and keep it in a safe place: with keys, in work bag, in organiser, written on your hand
  • Don’t go to bed angry
  • Choose peace with your partner and children
  • Hug


10.  Relax in a Hot Bath

With Lavender oil.



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