13 Risk Factors of Burnout

13 Risk Factors of Burnout


When western medicine let me down in my pursuit of solutions, I knew that it was a new calling in my life to help others realize the symptoms of burnout taking hold in their lives.


The sources of burnout can be broken down into three categories: health, mind and personality, and external (environmental) factors. All 13 of the risk factors fall into these categories and some cross over into two categories due to their nature.


As you read each one, take a few moments to reflect on your life. Even if you only have a few of these factors taking place in your life, it’s enough to escalate your chances of experiencing burnout and the challenges that come with it.


1.  A suppressed immune system: this can lead to repetitive colds, depression, a higher risk of certain cancers, and other infections, as well as auto immune diseases.


2. Exhaustion and chronic fatigue: overdoing it with all life’s obligations without focusing on proper rest can lead to this. However, there is one other thing that surprises many people, and that is the presence of heavy metal in your body. These can be found in lipstick, deodorant, and the environment around you. When I was suffering from exhaustion I got all the mercury fillings removed from my teeth and it made a tremendous difference in my energy level.


3.  Insufficient levels of vitamins and minerals: choosing too much fast food over organic food or raw unprocessed food can deplete vitamin and mineral levels in the body. Excessive stress and alcohol consumption also deplete. Vitamin D and magnesium are two examples of nutrients that quickly deplete.


4.  Drug abuse and certain prescriptions: while antibiotics can be life-saving, they can also lessen your immune system and increase your chances of developing food allergies or having excess fluid in your system. And while I’ve never struggled with addiction, I know the devastation that this causes a person in all areas of their life.


5.  Being a control freak: if this statement is reflective of you, you likely have some control issues: “As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” This type of obsession about being in control can lead to anxiety and burnout.


6.  Life changes: a certain amount of change is exciting and stimulating, but some change can be stressful and become a catalyst for burnout. For example—your employer being bought out by another business.


7.  Inability to cope: when life’s responsibilities become too much we can often shut down and begin the process of burnout. This happens when you are managing bills, a career, parenting, daily stress, and anxiety. It can also lead to adrenal malfunction and fatigue, which can make an already tough situation even worse.


8.  Hormonal changes: both men and women can experience hormonal changes. For men, it may have to do with ageing and activity levels. For women, it could be those things plus physical changes from pregnancy. The result is a disruptive change in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, causing a plethora of physical havoc.


9.  Lack of sleep: the body and mind require sleep every night to recharge and prepare us to go about our days with the proper amount of energy. If you have an unhealthy sleep environment or have too much electronic stimulation near bedtime you likely aren’t sleeping as soundly – or as much – as you need to.


10.  Being a workaholic: it is impossible to have balance in your life and be good to yourself and your relationships when all you do is work. Eventually, something will break.


11.  Being a people pleaser: when you continually say “yes” to others, you are likely saying “no” to yourself and depriving yourself of “me time.”


12.  Drama in relationships: some drama is caused by burnout and burnout can also lead to drama, so you really have to be careful about this. Try not to have a short fuse and a temper that you unleash upon those you need (your support team.)


13.  Sleep disruption: this is something that is a big concern to people who work night shifts and also new parents who find themselves having to get up every few hours to tend to their sweet little bundles of love.


By not being aware of how we treat ourselves we are all likely to have many of these burnout risks. It’s important to your health and emotional wellbeing to find ways to create a centered lifestyle that helps you achieve the successes that you desire in your professional and personal life.

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