7 Days of Hope – Day 5

by Dr Veerle Van Tricht MD


Today, I would like to talk to you about boredom . As an essential worker, I am still going to work and enjoying my free time and certainly not bored. I have just had a fantastic weekend in the sunshine with my daughter. We played basketball in the garden, we did art work and I played with my cat and my dog so for me, being isolated is not a problem but it might be for you!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden and if you are stuck inside with no outdoor space it is hard. In the UK, we can still go  out  to exercise  and some of my friends are getting super fit during the lockdown because they are running every day, doing push-ups and all kinds of physical challenges. So exercise is something you could do.

However, if you are not very fit, start exercising slowly and progress from one push-up a day and by doing more as you get fitter you could achieve a lot.

We don’t know how long this is going to last so let’s make the most of our free time at home.

One of the things I am doing at home is catching up on all the books  I want to read. For example, I bought several of my friend Kate Emerson’s books called ‘Ditch your Glitch’. We now have the time to clutter clear and put everything we don’t want or need into bags ready for dumping or donating.

Another book I want to read is ‘Creating Visualisation’ which will show you how to have positive thoughts so that you can create  your  future . On Day 7, I want to talk to you about what happens after lockdown and how we can plan towards a positive future.

I would also recommend ‘The Little Money Bible’ which will help you to plan your finance. Now a good time to sort out your taxes and finances because you have the time to do this.

When I get home from work at night, I play card games  with  my  kids  and board games like Dungeons and Dragons, Twister, Ludo. We also like to watch TV together.

Then of course there is cooking . What I found was that my usual vegetables were not available in the shops so I learnt to cook with what I could get. I cooked with vegetables that I have never cooked with before and I am now really good at it and making delicious meals. I have had to think outside the box and find new recipes rather than make the same meals every day which was what I used to do because my children like to eat the same thing every week. So, experimenting in the kitchen is another positive thing you could do.

So, we have talked about:

  1. Exercise
  2. Reading
  3. Play board games
  4. Watch videos or listen to music  – on Spotify there is a list called ‘Positive Music to Wake Up To’. I recommend that you check it out as it is all happy tunes and you can dance in your kitchen like nobody’s watching – because nobody IS watching!

I would love to hear your tips on how to prevent boredom while you are isolating.

If you are isolating because you are ill, let me give you a useful tip:

If you are infected with Coronavirus, you may feel out of breath, unwell, tired and just want to lie in bed. It is a good idea to take Paracetamol and try to keep your lungs moving. That is the advice I have been given by a lung specialist who says that if you get this viral pneumonia you will feel that you are too sore to expand your lungs which is not good for your lungs. The specialist recommends lifting your arms up over your shoulders and breathe in as deep as you can regularly. It is also good to sit up and walk around to keep your cardiovascular system going as the virus is challenged by the movement.

Much Love,

Stay Healthy, Dr Veerle Van Tricht

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