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What leads people to burnout? This question has multiple answers that could be addressed for ages. Therefore, in my conversation with Margaret on the weekly episode of The Burnout Show, we decided to speak about how pressure and management can push you into burnout.

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In American culture, it is a positive trait to work hard and have a consistently filled schedule. However, our live, ambitions, passions and what we want for ourselves became secondary in this culture. 

Margaret describes that the feeling of futility, of no appreciation, of powerless at work are triggers for burnout. Moreover, this powerless feeling makes you feel overworked.

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How to turn it around? It requires you to change! You need to break this unhealthy “work-before-life” style! Trademark Dr Veerle Van Tricht

Golden nuggets against burnout

Learn to say “No”

Don’t be afraid to say no to your environment for your own health!

Golden nuggets against burnout

Don’t feel guilty because you are choosing something fun and joyful

You also deserve to enjoy your life by doing activities, achieving your passions, etc.

Golden nuggets against burnout

Create your “Wheel of Life” against burnout

Discover the 8 areas that provide you a fulfilled and joyful life. Once you found them, check those on a weekly basis for a balanced life!

Book recommendation based on today’s subject: “Work-Life Brilliance: Tools to Break Stress and Create the Life and Health Your Crave” by Denise Green and Susan Scott

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