How Professional Women can Avoid Burnout

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Today’s Promise


I will show the Proven system

To go











  • How to fit 30 hours in 1 day
  • How to go from exhausted to excited with life again
  • How to fall in love with your work again
  • How to keep your love relationships in a high vibration
  • How to balance your life so you never experience burn-out again
  • How to connect with your creative source energy


I overcame burn-out and have been able to live the life of my dreams!

I managed to balance work- family, health & travelled the world with my children.



Trying to be the perfect super woman

  • The sexy wife
  • The perfect house wife
  • The loving mother
  • The successful surgeon



Reality though was a different matter with various Significant Events shaping that:


Significant Event 1


I Ended up in wheelchair and had to give up tennis.



Significant Event 2


I was restricted to my upstairs bedroom unable to get to my baby crying down stairs.


Significant Event 3


Wanted back at work full time after 3 weeks, I had no time to bond with my adorable baby.

The battle between being a successful professional and a happy mum had begun


I left my successful practice, home & country behind


Then Things Really Started to Change


I healed my loving relationship with myself and created an amazing mother-son bond.

Thanks to weekly osteopathy I became more mobile. I engaged a spiritual psychologist to help me release the mental and emotional trauma of the previous year.

I also became a Reiki Master and avid meditator ; I connected  to My Angels,  My Spirit guides, my higher self, the source.



I  see so many where I have been


Put all of my 25 + years experience as a Doctor, extra training and knowledge into a proven system that anyone can follow to get out of burnout.

I have distilled the best of the best from the best and poured it into a system – that is guaranteed to work



The Big Problem


You are trying to do it all
Super-woman, Super-cleaner, Super-mama and supermodel
No time for you… in the end means no time for anyone




The Burn-Out

Resuscitation Program




Time Creator

What is it?

A life changing tool that will make you fit 30 hours in one day. It will make you so efficient in your daily life that you will have more time for yourself, your loved ones and your dreams.


Why is it Important?

The feeling of not coping with your daily tasks, juggling work & family. Not enough self-care leads to stress, sleepless nights, exhaustion, burn-out, depression, stress related diseases and potentially job loss and suicide. You want to stay alive & healthy to take care of your loved ones.

How Does it Work?

I will teach you THE GRID that leads to stress free productivity prioritising.


Energy Booster


What is it?

A powerful combination of time-proven techniques mixed into a Energy Boosting smoothie.  Gratitude’s, powerwalk, downloading universal energy, pink clouds, boundaries and protective shield.


Why is it important?

You need to get out of bed every morning to take care of yourself, your health, to feed your family, to keep your job and income.


How does it work?

These powerful techniques improve your physical health including quality of sleep and digestion; as well as creating mental clarity & emotional peace at the beginning of your day!


Loving what you do


What is it?

This exercise will clarify your life purpose. Together we will find out whether you are on track with your blue print. We will discover your hidden talents and unveil your unique purpose why you are alive on this planet, right now.


Why is it important?

You spend 8 hours or more a day working, traveling to work, thinking/worrying about work. That is almost most of your awake hours.  If your soul is not on track; it will create obstacles in your path.


How does it work?

  • Life purpose Reading & Coaching
  • Revisiting your childhood dreams & Action Map
  • Unveiling your hidden talents


The Love Shack


What is it?

Relationship Camp.


Why is it important?

Life is precious and we don’t know how long we have on earth. From interviewing dying people the wisdom has sprouted that they realise all their work achievements were not that important. They all wished they gave more time & priority to their loved ones. When you & I die, we don’t want to have any regrets


How Does it work?

We will explore which works best for you to enable to keep your relationships in a high love vibration.





What is it?

Grow the life of your Dreams. The different while balancing all aspects of your world.


Why is it important?

Change is an inevitable part of our lives. Either we choose what we want to become/ Grow towards or we wither.


How Does it work?

Whether you want to create a balanced life ( I have a whole day workshop on that) or you have a clear goal  in mind, you will learn the most effective techniques to set goals and become accountable.


Higher Consciousness


What is it?

Connecting with your creative source energy.

Why is it important?

If we don’t connect to our higher self we make the wrong choices. Which is why you become burn out in the first place. By keeping your vibration high you will never make that mistake again.

How Does it Work?

There are unlimited possibilities for you to grow on all levels. You will learn to tap into this universal wisdom of all dimensions of space and time by stepping in the vortex of divine energy. You will easily continue on your LIFE mission, vibrate at a high love or above energy and play an essential part in the survival of our planet.



  • This is proven, and working now … so the only question I ask is…
  • How much do you want it?
  • Are you ready to step into the success and not just talk about it?


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