How to know the difference between friendly spirits and ghastly ghouls this Halloween.

By Dr Veerle Van Tricht

Delusion is a medical term used to describe people – who believe they can see or hear spirits, voices, angels or God. I know this term well as I am a doctor.

I am standing in the operating theatre and there are spirits all around me. The man lying under my scalpel is elderly and his long-deceased wife Martha is sitting next to him, holding his right hand. She tells me her name.

Angels have been around me my entire life. They were a constant part of my life as a child. Over the last four decades they have come and gone in my life.

They are here now as I stand operating on a patient. I don’t need to look up to know there is now an extra presence in the operating room. I can feel her already.

This is a general word I use for an energy that is attached to all objects. This can be a good feeling or negative feeling and it is subtler than other forms.

A residue can be a memory of an intense emotion. It feels denser and thicker than air to me – and it hangs around objects, people or in rooms where it was created by the people experiencing these feelings. You may have felt this in places where it is very strong. You would feel it walking through old jails where people suffered or were tortured. Or in a museum like a Holocaust museum where objects and images from a sad moment in history are gathered.

These are souls whose bodies have died. A spirit can be a loved one visiting you or just an unknown being that has passed. I also encounter the spirits of my patients and of their deceased loved ones as they come to support the patient under my scalpel.  Spirits – no matter whether I know them or not – almost always feel like lower vibrations to me. When a spirit is near I get a strong physical reaction. I get goosebumps or my hair stands on end. I may suddenly smell their perfume or just feel them there.

Many times during surgery I have felt the presence of deceased healers and ophthalmic surgeons, one of whom I have personally known.  They assist me with their knowledge and experience. All of these light beings stand in a half circle behind my back as I perform surgery and speak through my mind and my hands.

My friend Biebie is very familiar with spirits. The first night I moved into a guest room at her home I had a door slam in the night and the room was freezing cold. I was on edge all night. The next day I told Biebie about it.

“Ah that’s my father,” she said. “He’s just checking you out. He is friendly and don’t worry he will calm down once he knows who you are.” It took a while! But that week the cold breeze and slamming door became less frequent and finally stopped.

For most of my childhood before the age of six, I left my body every night and travelled with an angel through space. I guess you could say I was an unusual child! I couldn’t wait every night to go to sleep. That was the time I would fly around the world.  I was never afraid. I was with my friends.  There was always an angel flying next to me, sometimes holding my hand. I saw them as clearly as if they were physical.

My father would read me a bedtime story from Hans Christian Anderson (the only children’s book we seemed to have at that time). Before I went to sleep he would kiss me and draw a Christian cross on my forehead with the outside of his right thumb. Every night he called on the angels to protect me in my sleep. Then he closed my third eye with the last sweep of his thumb.

My father would listen to me when I told him about my nightly visitors. I would tell him the things I saw and did at night. I remember the spirit of a man coming to visit me for several nights, when I was very small. I described the man to my father in detail: ”He has a long raincoat and wears glasses like yours and wears a funny hat like a gangster and he never smiles.” My father looked shocked.  “And he smells like tobacco”, I added. My father brought out a framed sketch of a serious, old man.

“Is this him?” He asked me. I nodded in amazement.

“Yes that’s him,’ I said. “Oh dad, that is the man who visits me every night!”

My dad had tears in his eyes and he told that that was a sketch of his own father who had died recently.

As an adult I have learned to call and connect with angels and beings more easily. But for most of my life as I was learning how to communicate with them I found they came only when I was in danger or really needed them. Whenever I call upon angels, they show up immediately. I call them silently in my head. Anyone can do that.  Sometimes I ask to fill a treatment room or surgery with a thousand angels to make the atmosphere more loving and to lift the vibration.

When I call on angels I feel as if someone is embracing me. I feel the warmth and love. Angels feel as if they stand behind me and fold their wings around me. I see them with my inner eye.

A nurse once told me that when a patient was going to die soon, the spirits came to fetch them. “Spirits of deceased loved ones and Angels will gather in the room of very ill patients and wait for them to pass over.” There is something very special that happens in the rooms where people are dying.

If you would like to know more about my angels, you can purchase my book ‘My Surgeon Talks to Angels’ and read about my amazing experiences.

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