Module 1 Burnout Resuscitation Program


This is a powerful combination of time-proven techniques mixed into an energy-boosting smoothie. It includes the daily gratitude ritual, a power walk, tipping cloud manifestation, and protective shielding. Step three is finding your life purpose. By discovering your hidden talents and your purpose, “Why you are alive on this planet right now?” you will find your life purpose and will get you on track.


Energy Booster, module 1 of the burnout resuscitation program

What is it?

Dr V’s Energy Booster is a powerful combination of time-proven techniques mixed into an Energy Boosting “Smoothie”.

This contains advice on food, supplements, sleep, exercise and surprising new energising ways of oxygenation.

Energy Booster’s aim is to get you bouncing out of bed each morning to get started with your day, prioritise self care and your health so you can take care of your family as well as keep your job and income.

Dr V will assist you to go from exhausted to excited. You decide how fast you want to change. You can download this information( 1 hour video, in-depth workbook and guided meditation) and keep this forever.

Dr V also gives you the 10 easy to implement steps to deeper, rejuvenating, energising sleep.

Start Each New Energising day with:

  1. Gratitude’s Power Walk
  2. Download Universal Energy
  3. Manifest an easy, time-effective, productive day
  4. Get all jobs done
  5. Learn to create boundaries
  6. How to install a protective shield                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Why is it important?

You need to get out of bed every morning to take care of yourself and your family.

You need to have enough energy to perform well at your job so you don’t loose it and your income.

How does it work?

These powerful information aims to improve your physical health including quality of sleep and digestion.

The metaphysical techniques also create mental clarity and emotional peace at the beginning of each day!

What is next?

Module 2, Time Creator. Get it here:

Dr V, a full time eye surgeon and single mother of 3, has published a Memoir, My Surgeon Talks To Angels, which contains all the tools she collected to overcome burnout herself. You may find more information about Dr V’s metaphysical healing work here:

Energy Booster, Happy

Happy woman after completing Dr V’s Energy Booster

PS. Read more about Burnout here:

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