Module 2 Burnout Resuscitation Program


Module 2, Time Creator, includes an instructive video, a practical printable workbook and a guided manifestation meditation.Dr.V will teach you a grid, that leads to stress-free productivity, and she will add in some quantum jumping strategies, so you can stay alive to take care of your loved ones.  Dr V teaches you the best time management tools she uses herself to balance her work as an eye surgeon with being a single mother of three young children. It also includes the daily gratitude ritual, a power walk, pink cloud manifestation, and protective shielding. Get your jobs ticked off everyday. Become super effective at work and manifest an easy day ahead with the included, daily, powerful guided meditation. Fit 30 hours in each day!


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Dr V is a woman who has created time for her self care and well being


What is it?

Time Creator is a life changing collection of tools that will make you fit 30 hours in one day. It will make you so efficient in your daily life that you will have more time for yourself, your loved ones and your dreams.

Module 2 includes an hour long descriptive video where Dr V explains how to use all the tools.

You get an insightful, downloadable, printable workbook

And a short, effective, time creating guided meditation that assists you to Manifest Your Ideal Day as you wake up every day.

Why is it important?

The feeling of not coping with your daily tasks, juggling work and family and not enough time for self care leads to stress, sleepless nights, exhaustion, burnout, depression. This in turn can cause  stress related diseases like infections and cancer and potentially leads to job loss, divorce and even suicide.

How does it work?

In Module 2 of the Burnout Resuscitation Program: Time Creator, Dr V teaches you:

1. How To Create Time for Yourself so you can filled your energy tank.

2. Easy tools to use every day to get your Lists ticked off, all jobs done!

3. How to Balance Work and Children

4. How to create Quality Time out with your loved ones.

5. How to Prioritise with the Grid

6. How to Manifest Easy Productive Days at work


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What is the next step after Time Creator?

You will have learned to create time for your loved ones. In Module 3: Love Shack, Dr V holds your hand while you heal your love relationships and much more.

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What could have been your previous step?

Boost your energy through the right intake, better sleep and oxygenation in module 1: Energy Booster.

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