Module 4 Burnout Resuscitation Program


Discover Your Life Purpose by Answering Dr V’s Soul Searching questions as she guides you with a one hour instructional coaching video. You also get the extensive workbook.pdf and a guided Eagle meditatio.mp3n to keep


In Module 4 of the Burnout Resuscitation Program, I am helping YOU to find Your Life Purpose, The Work Your were Born To DO, the Path of Your Dreams…

I believe that every single one of You is born with a mission to Make a Difference in the World whether it entails looking after your family, invented solar power or fly a mission to Mars, Every one, every little soul and yeah… even you plays a part in the Game of Life.

Shakespeare used to say: we are all actors on the stage of life. Hell yea, I added, I am choosing a juicy role to play with lots of action, twists and plots…and haven’t I manifested exactly that. You can read all about it in my book My Surgeon Talks To Angels, a journey from science to faith

So…You would love to know your life purpose?

Are you feeling confused about how to bring meaning to your everyday job?

Do You feel a strong urge there is something you are supposed to do?

Do You wish you had Clarity so you could take the Right Action?

Would You Like to Find Your Life Path and Walk It?

What Gifts have you got to share with the world?

What would give meaning to your life?During your Lifetime your roles will change hence you are thought in this module to Find Your Current Life Purpose,

Here are some of the questions I get from my coaching clients:

Find Your Life Purpose

Find your Life Purpose in Module 4 of the Burnout Resuscitation Program by Dr Veerle Van Tricht

What to do when the kids are out of the house?

What if I can’t have babies?

what happens after retirement?

As a young child I saved abandoned kittens, now I save people’s vision. Before I had children , I worked for Doctors Without Borders in Third World Countries, As a single mum I work in a safer first world country. Actually I have improved patients’ vision in at least 5 European countries and Australia since motherhood.

You see…your purpose evolves with you.

I trust you have lifted your Energy levels in Module 1, The Energy Booster ,and are ready to rock and roll through the 1 hour video, download and print the workbook and listen to the Guided Eagle Meditation every night before falling a sleep for at least 7 days.

This way you can get guidance from your higher consciousness through pictures, words, dreams…don’t judge, just write down all the information that comes to you.

Take plenty of time to go through the soulsearching list of questions that will help you find your current easy, satisfying, energizing life path.

Be kind to yourself, much love, Dr V


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