Module 5 Burnout Resuscitation Program


Photo of a happy balanced girl in long summer gras

Happy Girl in Summer Grass

You will learn the most effective techniques to balance your life. Dr. V gives a few final helpful hints.



What is Work-Life-Balance?

A Balanced Life is a Life where all 8 facets( or 10) get the same amount of time and attention each week.

These categories are:

1. Health,

2. Home and family,


4. Career,

5. Hobbies and Friends

,6. Spiritual development,

7. Personal Growth/Learning,

8. Love relationships

Why is it important?

When your life is out of balance: all parts suffer: your health, your sleep, your relationships, your career and you spiral into low mood and full blown Burnout.

This can lead to: job loss, income loss, low immunity( infectious disease and cancer) and depression, divorce, loss of children and money…

Change is an inevitable part of our lives. We have the power to choose who we want to become.

You need to choose whether you want to grow or wither in your life.

This module helps you to get your priorities right.

How does it work?

DR V explains life enhancing techniques that you can use for the rest of your life to balance your life no matter what changes take place.

The Wheel of Life is a Super valuable tool.

Dr V will explain how YOU can use it to optimise your life in the 1 hour educational video.

You will get a your own personalized downloadable and printable workbook .

You will also learn how to set a Clear Goal and the most effective tools to become accountable.


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