Module 6 Burnout Resuscitation Program


In module 6 you connect with your higher consciousness, for unlimited possibilities for growth. If we don’t listen to our higher intelligence, we’ll make the wrong choices, and that is how we became burnt out in the first place. Through communication with your higher consciousness, you will never make that mistake again.


What is Your Higher Consciousness?

Some people call this God, The Universe, Source, All, Angels…

No matter which name you give it, higher consciousness is an invisible benevolent energy that communicates your soul purpose to you.

It is the little positive voice in your head that keeps you safe. It is the energy that makes your nails grow and the hairs on your arms stand up.

Why is it important?

When we become disconnected from our higher self, we make the wrong choices for our soul. We stray from our life path. Life becomes a struggle. We feel lost. We lack clarity. we feel confused.

And this struggle and lack of clarity contributes to the development of Burnout Syndrome.Hence it is the last piece of my holistic Burnout Resuscitation healing program. After having your energy boosted in

module 1: The Energy Booster, and

module 2: The Time Creator taught you important life-enhancing Time Management Skills, and

module 3: The Love Shack healed your love relationships, and in

module 4: you found Your Life Purpose, and

module 5: Balanced your Work-Life Situation so you can start living your dreams

module 6: Connected YOU To Your Higher Consciousness.This is the proverbial, glossy, sweet cherry on the healthy, yummy, gorgeous cake of your new life. The perfect instructor, the life long helper, your guiding light to stay on YOUR SOULFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BALANCED LIFE..

Special Price When You Buy the whole program upfront and get these Bonuses

  1. You save 85 pounds and
  2. You get a Bonus Clarity Call from me worth 300 pounds
  3. And YOU get a ticket to attend my Exclusive Dr V’s Angel School Intensive( different dates for worldwide events)



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