The Healing Self

New book by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi

Dr Veerle Van Tricht, MD

The Healing Self

There is a new revolution occurring in health today. That revolution is you.

I met Dr Deepak Chopra yesterday

“ I will read it”, Dr Chopra replied when I handed him my memoir My Surgeon Talks To Angels. My ego replied in shock: “EXCUSE me?!” as if it couldn’t accept that one of my all-time heroes, guru, medical doctor, scientist and bestselling author of 65 books, translated in 30 languages…I could go on here…

(but I won’t),

Dr Deepak Chopra Actually Said That He would READ MY BOOK!!!

“ I will read it” , he repeated in the gentle, soft voice we know. Dazzled I moved on in the book signing queue when I realised I had missed my photo opportunity with Deepak, hence the recovery shot you see at the top of this article. Great huh!? Not! But selfies are ego-based and WE, followers of Deepak, know that WE… and YOU are more than this body, this mind…we are unlimited consciousness!

This blogpost is not about me, it is about how You Can Get The Reigns of Your Health Back. I have been preaching patient-self-empowerment for many years within my Burnout Resuscitation Program( available from but last night, Deepak’s version of the same mission became clear during his two hour lecture in the beautiful Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London.

It was if both Deepak Chopra’s and my soul aligned life purposes!

Here is what unites Us:

  • We are both trained scientists( medical doctors)
  • We both know that there is a lot More to Your Health Than Your Body
  • We believe in preventive medicine and Deepak beliefs that ONLY 2 WEEKS of the right plant-based foods can reverse a lot of chronic illnesses (through the reduction of systemic inflammation) like pain from arthritis, depression

The 6 Pillars of Physical Well Being according to Deepak Chopra and R Tanzi

  1. Eat the organic nutritious foods that are right for Your Microbiome aka your gut bacteria. There are         AI( Artificial Intelligence) Labs offering the service of testing your poo to give you a list of things to eat for your health( Dr Deepak Chopra also spoke about the power of Rainbow coloured food like I explain in detail in The Energy Booster: Get it here(
  2. Adequate and good quality sleep( download the FREE Guide The 10 commandments of Well Sleeping here)
  3. Movement/ Pranayama ( breathing)/ Yoga to stimulate all cranial nerves, especially the Vagus Nerve.( like explained in detail, fast and effective in my Energy Booster

By the way: Find the whole, intensive, energizing videocourse to Boost Your Health here:

4. Choose Positive Emotions like Joy, Peace, Compassion, Happiness, Gratefulness, Fun, Love, Friendship, Grace, Loyalty, Truth…..                                                                                                                                            over negative ones like resentment, grief, anger, hate, jealously, judgement, greed, …The Journey Method by Brendon Bays can really help you with this. Ask me if you want a link to get in.

5. Meditation and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction( no surprise here! )and for                                          Prolonging your Telomers and Your Life span.                                                                                                            Get the whole holistic, fast and furious reboot HERE:

PS. This includes six FREE Guided Meditations for holistic wellbeing if you purchase NOW.

6. Biological Rhythms/ Grounding

More about that coming up in my weekly Energising Blog posts: Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any by signing up Here:

@You are not static but atoms in constant movement and that we can change the shape, form and function of our body and mind.

@Humans are the miraculous result of 14 billion years of Cosmic Evolution.

@Yes, YOU Are Stardust! At least half of your mineral content is not available on earth, it comes from other planets, possibly from the Big Bang…

@Without the presence of inflammation Your Lifespan should be 120 years

I trust you enjoyed this blogpost. It is my first attempt on sharing the wisdom that I receive in one form or another, on a wordpress platform.

Feel free to comment or ask me questions +44790084269

Dr Veerle Van Tricht, Stress Buster and  Holistic Life Coach.

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