The Silver Lining of Romantic

   Break-Ups  & Singlehood
By Dr Veerle Van Tricht MD


You could say it’s daunting being thrown back into the singles pond after being in a long-term relationship. It is usually complicated by property, children, pets and last but not least shared bank accounts. Due to divorce, death or other cataclysmic events;  

We are forced to find our core self again!

For years you have adapted to another’s personality, likes and dislikes. Most likely sacrificing your dreams of becoming a fireman, carpenter, artist, Doctor without Borders or even a Greenpeace Warrior to meet the other person’s needs.It may have become unclear who you are anymore! What is it that you like?What happened to your wildest dreams, wishes and desires? Are they still the same as they once were? 

I have met many women between the ages of thirty and sixty who now feel empowered after they move on from their long-term relationship. They finally experience the freedom to be their authentic selves again.  

 “I like my own company,” One self-employed 38 year old tells me.

“Who needs a man when you can have male company in friends” A gorgeous blond business owner blurted out.

 “I am so happy doing my own thing, when I want it and how I want it” I exclaimed the weeks after my cancelled engagement.

“Hell yeah, thank God for gay friends to solve my need for unattached and safe male company,” I thought as I contacted my friend Tony to organise a few days of adventure in New South Wales.

Being single allows you to find the original YOU again! Yes, that beautiful child who had the wildest dreams is still there inside of you somewhere. Rekindling that relationship with your inner child is one of the best things you can do after a break-up. I mean let’s face it, it’s a lot healthier than throwing your lost, hurt and confused self into the dating scene ready to ‘adapt’ to the next man or woman that comes along. I, myself didn’t realise this wisdom until recently.

It’s time to take a step back, recharge and think about this. What can you do now that your partner disapproved of doing?

You Can:

  • Travel the world with only a backpack or on a motorbike.
  • Move to Thailand and start a Freedom Business
  • Visit an Ashram.
  • Get a dog (My partner was allergic)
  • Stretch out over the whole bed
  • Stack the dishwasher as you please and put it on half-full
  • Leave on the air conditioning or heating for your comfort
  • Watch the tv programs he/she disapproved of
  • Eat ice-cream before lunchtime or even for breakfast
  • Sign up for my Total Reset Program and join me on one of my many beautiful Retreats.

Also, on your journey to be your true self again, don’t forget to take a moment to ask yourself these essential questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What were my childhood dreams?
  • Which roads are open for me now that were closed before?
  • Where will this path lead me, all going well?
  • How do I feel, imagining myself at my ideal destination?

      -What sounds do you hear? 

      -What are you wearing? 

      -What sights are around you? 

      -What smell is in the air? 

      -What taste is in your mouth?

      -Who is with you? 

Now that you are true to yourself, you are in the best place to attract Mr or Mrs Right!

If you think you can’t do this alone or you’re feeling overwhelmed at this time, do get in touch with me as I can help you to regain a balanced, happy and rewarding life.

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