Yoga against fatigue

Fatigue in our current fast-paced society is constantly present. We have so many responsibilities and we often switch focus from one task to another. Unfortunately, this attitude doesn’t allow our brain to take the time to relax and reset. Taking the time to breathe and relax is essential to avoid chronic fatigue and burnout. That’s why my conversation with Fiona Agombar on The Burnout Show is a must-watch.

Fiona is a Yoga therapist and author who teaches relaxation through yoga. She experienced burnout fatigue herself and was ill for 15 years. Yet, she recovered thanks to yoga!

Therefore, how did yoga save her from having fatigue and being in a wheelchair for 15 years? How did she do it? You can watch the video HERE!

Here are the 3 golden nuggets from our conversation:

Golden nuggets against burnout and stressA quiet mind against fatigue

If you want to accomplish things, it is important to have a mind as quiet as possible

Note: Yoga is not about posture but rather about slowing down your mind

Golden nuggets against burnout and stress Slow breathing

Slow down your breath by breathing in through your nose and stretching the diaphragm downwards. Don’t hesitate to lengthen the exhalation, especially if you feel nervous.

Technique: 4 seconds IN – 8 seconds out

Golden nuggets against burnout and stressDeep Relaxation

Even during a stressful day, it is important to relax!

Once a day, practice a deep relaxation . It will allow your body to switch off.

One important habit is to take small breaks between tasks. It enables your brain to reset before starting a new task.

One extra tip:  try the “child pose”, perfect for a deeper connection with your body

Book recommendation based on today’s subject: “Yoga therapy for stress, burnout and chronic fatigue” by our guest Fiona Agombar

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